Monday, 18 July 2016

Ferrero in a Box

Hi there,

I'm back again with another Ferrero in a box! Once again this is another creation cased from  the super talented Heidi at her amazing blog flutterbyheidi. Click HERE to go to Heidi's post and video tutorial on how to make this gorgeous diamond shaped box.

What would I do if Pinterest was not around? Probably more house work and very limited crafting lo!. It would appear from all of my blog posts that I don't have an original idea at all and I keep CASE-ing everyone else. I make sure I always give credit if I have seen the idea somewhere and provide links back to the source I found. If CASE-ing isn't the highest form of flattery I don't know what is.

Anywhoo..... ta da inside this darling little box is surprise, surprise a Ferrero chocolate, everyone's favourite :)

Here is a side view. You can sort of see the diamond shaped sides in this photo

And a little group shot of them. These are for some work colleagues.

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Cheers Donna :)

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