Monday, 18 January 2016

Baking Day

It's been a very productive day in the kitchen today. I have been busy baking so we have lots of snacks. Were you aware that teenage boys are always hungry? I'm sure mother's of boys the world over will be nodding their heads saying YES! I should nick name my son 18, "Grazer" lol. Well it's not something new to me as he's been like this for many years now. My gorgeous daughter made a cake yesterday for us all to enjoy, well it's all gone....this delicious cake did not even last 24 hours. I did have a slice yesterday and one today, so to be fair I have eaten some too but not all of it! It was very tasty, so a great compliment to my girl. This situation needed to be rectified immediately. I thought  how about I make more than one thing, that way it may last more than 24 hours. Well that's my line of thinking anyway.

Here's the haul.....

We have the muesli bar slice in the top box. We love this slice we have it a lot. I got the recipe here from Wendy's blog, My Abundant Life. I changed the recipe slightly as I did not have some of the ingredients I usually have. I used golden syrup instead of honey. I really liked this change, although when I have made it with the honey I like that too! Instead of using the cereal/rolled oats I  used some muesli I had bought for my daughter that she wasn't keen on. OMG this is delicious. My daughter and I did some quality control tests on the slice after it had cooled....yes some tests, so more than 1 slice was consumed.....we couldn't unleash this on my son and hubby unless it passed our strict quality control testing. FYI it passed, damn we'll have to share.

Next on the cooking production line were these scrumptious Cranberry Hooty Creek biscuits. This recipe was also found on Wendy's blog. These are another favourite in our house.

 And lastly we have this delicious coconut cake. My daughter has this recipe written in her little cook book where she writes down her favourite recipes. She can't remember where she found or saw this recipe. She has made it quite a few times and we love it. I have never made it before and was most surprised to find that there are no butter or eggs in this recipe. It's just a cup of coconut, a cup of milk, a cup of caster sugar and a cup of self raising flour. That's  it, very simple.

Hopefully today's  baking session will last us for longer than 24 hours. I really enjoyed my baking session today. My gorgeous girl was more than happy to sit and chat with me while I was doing the cooking. We just chatted about heaps of stuff, it was so lovely. She even dried the dishes for me after I had washed up, what a sweetheart. 

So how long do your baking  efforts last in your house?

Have a fabi day. 
Cheers Donna 


  1. Oooooohh those muesli bars (and the cake and cookies) look totally scrumptious!!! :-) xx

    1. Trust me Tracey they are very moreish! Cheers Donna :)

    2. Trust me Tracey they are very moreish! Cheers Donna :)