Sunday, 17 January 2016

Schools Out For Summer

School is most certainly out for Summer here in Australia. This blog title is a bit of a stretch to today's crafty offering, but here goes......Are you old enough to remember when your teacher wrote on a blackboard? Ahem I am   Of course I am not!  Really just how old do you think I am lol? I mean, today teachers write on whiteboards and interactive whiteboards. Think touch screen computers that's pretty much how the interactive boards work and then it's just projected up onto a big screen.

Anywhoo, here is my nod to the "olden days" (as my darling daughter would say) of teaching.

How cute is this? Yes I am biased, after all I made it. Firstly I was inspired by a couple of people's creations so credit where credit is due. I first saw this card made by  Judy on her blog, Just Judy Designs when I was blurfing (blog surfing) and loved it. I then remembered a card I had made at a stamp club I attend  that is run by my friend Felicity, who is a Stampin'Up demo and  who also has a lovely blog, Scrappin Stamper. So I put those 2 ideas together to come up with this card.  As you can see I have used the same layout  and same  stamped images as Judy. I definitely can't claim this as my own creation. All products used on this card are from Stampin 'Up, except the string, that's just ordinary kitchen string bought from the supermarket I think. ( I am not a SU  demonstrator, I just love using their products).

Here is another photo taken from a different angle.
I was so delighted with how this turned out that I made lots and gave them as gifts at Christmas time to family and friends. As it's still early in the new year it would not be too late to have a go at making some yourself. Let me know if you do.  For the last few years I have made little calendars to gift at Christmas to family and friends. This is this year's offering.

Well that's all for today my lovelies. It's going to be another hot one here today so best get on with some housework as well as  organizing my menu planner for the next fortnight. Then I will have to write out my shopping list after I take stock of my pantry and fridge, yes never a dull moment here lol. Menu planning helps me to budget and not spend more than we have, always a good thing. Not to mention I know what we are having for dinner each nigh. It stops the dreaded 5 pm nightmare of "what's for dinner?" routine from the family!  Hopefully I may be able to sneak in  some time to  do more crafting!!!

Have an amazing day.

Cheers Donna


  1. Great project Donna - you've made me remember the screech of the chalk on the blackboard!! Ahhh - not that I'm old enough to remember really lol Ahem... :-)

  2. Thanks Tracey for your kind comment. I am most certain you are not old enough to remember screeching chalk ;)