Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Black Finger Nails, Red Wine......

Great song by Eskimo Joe, Black Fingernails, Red Wine.....but there are no black fingernails or black nail polish anywhere in this post at all. There is nail polish though, although not real nail polish. Oh my goodness are you confused yet or ready to skip to the next blog?

Take a look at this then.......

Now I think this is cute, 3 little bottles of nail polish with the middle one popped on foam tape to give it dimension.  When I proudly showed my daughter and husband they both said...."mmmmm  very nice". Imagine this being said with a vague tone to their voices. They clearly had no idea what those things were at the top of the card . I admit I was a bit deflated by their lack of recognition. Of course when I told them nail polish they both said, "oh yeah". I have made this for my most beautiful niece who turns 19 on the 19th of this month. Obviously I waited until after her birthday to show you, as she told me she would be my # 1Fangirl when I first told her I was starting a blog.

I once again got my inspiration from Pinterest , gotta love that site!. I was inspired by Rhonda's card. Click on her name to see her card. I loved how she had made the lids from the modern label punch from Stampin'Up and the bottle itself from the owl builder punch also from SU. As you can see I used the same punches to make my gorgeous bottles of nail polish but the layout of the card is different.

I don't actually own any nail polish myself. My lovely daughter does, in fact she  has way too many bottles to count lol!. My nails are terrible they are very soft and peel all the time. They have always been like this. It is not a calcium deficiency it's just how they are. I have had my own nails manicured a few times over the years and they look nice for a day then just terrible. A few years back I decided to get gel nails. They looked amazing and I felt like such a lady, very elegant and a wee bit posh even. They were great for 2 weeks, but then I had to go back to the nail salon and ask for them to be removed. You see   as my own nails grew the length of the gel nails got longer, not a big problem you may think. As a person who was wearing contact lenses full time it was a nightmare. I kept  poking my eyes out every night when I removed my lenses. Not to mention that when the gel nails came off my own nails were even softer than before. So for me I just keep it real, it's just too hard for me to bother with. I admire anyone that has lovely nails, real or otherwise. Are you one of those lucky people that has gorgeous nails? Hats off to you if you are.

Have a fantastical day.
Cheers Donna                                                                                               

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