Monday, 1 February 2016

Our Bumper Crop....Not!

Finally, finally, finally, we have  picked something form our vegie patch! It's only the first of February and we planted our seedlings way back in October. I know it's ages ago and we are at a loss as to why it's taken so long for anything to grow. We have had plenty of sunshine, we've watered them regularly from our water tank, we've weeded, we prepared our beds before we planted the why so long? Who knows. The corn well it grew ears of corn, I was excited but as it's been so hot they have not fared well. Here is what was harvested today.

                                           Two  cucumbers and two  zucchinis!

Here are some more things still growing and almost ready to pick.

                                                                      A cucumber......

                                                                     A zucchini......

A pumpkin.......

No we did not plant a bread tree in our garden nor did we find this growing wildly in our garden!
I made this beauty today instead of buying bread from the bakery. It's just a good old white loaf of bread.  I'm sure it will be delicious with  some  lovely plum jam I made yesterday. 

Hoping your day is marvellous.
Cheers Donna

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