Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Box Frame Cards

Well, where have I been? Work, life, and everything in between......just like everyone else. I have made lots of things, taken hardly any photos, gasp......I know ridiculous, right?
 The thing is with blogging, you have to be strict and committed to posting on a regular basis, something that to be honest just isn't me, well not at the moment.

Anywhoo, you are here to see these beauties aren't you?

Here is the first masterpiece. I found the instructions along with  a fabulous video tutorial on Caroline from Crafty Hallett's blog just click on Caroline's name to be taken directly to her lovely blog and her post that had me making these frames. Do have a look at the rest of her blog while you are there it's fantastic.
 I have seen heaps of written instructions on how to make these frames on various blogs, but they just never make any sense to me. I was so delighted to come across Caroline's blog  post on how to make these frames and OMG the lovely girl had made a video tutorial. I like to thinks it's for those of us that are slightly written  instruction challenged. I am most definitely a visual learner!

 I whipped this one up first and then seeing as I had a desk full of these beautiful flowers I made another one. It literally took me 5 minutes to make the frame, they are so easy, once you know how, thanks Caroline!

 Why did I have a desk full of these flowers I hear you ask? Well I had just taken delivery of the Botanical Blooms stamps and matching framelits last week and yes you guessed it. I  made lots and lots of these gorgeous flowers with no idea of what I would do with them. I had vaguely thought a card, but wasn't sure of how to arrange the flowers. I trawled through pinterest for inspiration, but nothing. Then today when I sat down for a mid morning cuppa I decided to have a browse through the plethora of blogs I have favourited. AND when I  visited Caroline's I knew exactly how those flowers were going to be arranged.....inside a box frame. Ta da! FYI there are still more flowers on my desk, so maybe some more frames will be whipped up ;)

So there you have it, this is how I spent the morning. What do you think? Where do you find your inspiration?

Cheers Donna :)

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